Want to try the Pottery Wheel? We have a workshop for that!


Our Pottery Wheel Workshops will introduce beginners to basic throwing techniques.  If you’ve worked on the wheel before, these workshops are the perfect opportunity to build and develop your skills.

Make as many pieces, of any size, that you complete in the workshop time.

Cost includes a return visit to the studio to decorate one of your bisque-fired pottery pieces with coloured glazes (over 50 colours to choose from).

Additional pieces can be painted for $10/piece.

Ages 11yrs  + up.

Registration is required.  Minimum of 2 participants for the workshops to run.

Friday:  6-8pm, 6:30-8:30pm or 7-9:00pm

Saturday:  1-3pm and 4-6pm

Sunday: 4-6pm

Cost:  $65 + HST per person

Call to reserve your spot:  905.338.1358


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