From sponsoring events such as Empty Bowls to providing fundraising opportunities for all types of groups, Crack Pot Studio is proud of our role in the community.  Whether it’s a school, church, senior citizen program or sports club (to name a few), we offer creative and engaging events to support your fundraising efforts.

Painting Party

Our studio is available for private painting events. Come in ahead of time and choose items to be painted by the group.  Paints, instruction and glaze firing are included in the cost of the pieces chosen.  Items can be auctioned at your fundraising event (silent auction, school fun fair as examples) or Crack Pot Studio will donate a percentage of the evening’s sales back to your organization.


Tile Wall

Purchase commercial grade tiles at a volume rate.  You then sell painting time and the tile to organization’s members, family and friends at a fee set by you.  You can reserve studio time for supporters to paint the tiles, or they can come in as their schedule allows. Pieces will be glazed and fired.  Tiles can be mounted in a central communal location or kept by the individual for their enjoyment.

Contact us for pricing and to book your event.