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Crack Pot Studio is the perfect place to host an event for your community group! Scouts, Brownies, church and youth groups are just a few types of groups we can accommodate at Crack Pot – or at your location. We can even tailor your group’s project to a seasonal theme! Please note that our community group events require a minimum of 18 participants. Choose from one of two events:

Clay Event

Our clay workshops provide your group with the chance to explore their creativity while learning a valuable new skill! Our experienced pottery teacher will guide your group through the process of creating their own unique piece from clay. Participants will experiment with hand building techniques including slab, coil or pinching as well as surface decoration and texturing. Finished pieces are dried and bisque fired at our studio and are available for pick up in approximately two weeks. Please note that pieces will not be slip decorated or glazed and will not be food safe.

TIME: 1.5 hours
COST: $16.00 per person
Minimum of 18 participants!

Ceramic Painting Event

Each participant gets the chance to decorate their very own bisque piece. Examples include a mug, bowl, plate or ornament. Our friendly instructor will introduce participants to our painting materials and demonstrate many surface decoration techniques. Participants get to decorate their item using our wide selection of professional underglazes. Pieces are ready for pick up in approximately one week.
TIME: 1.5 hours
COST: $18.00 and up per person (including HST) – depending on the item chosen
Minimum of 18 participants!

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